Zalmos Proxy: Top Zalmos Mirrors to Unblock Youtube, Twitter, FB, Etc {2018}

Zalmos Proxy 2018:- Hey friends, Are you a huge fan of Zalmos Proxy? If yes, then you have surely come here while searching for Zalmos proxy, Right? Do you want to know “How to change IP address to Access Any Legal Blocked Website“?

If Facebook, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Etc. sites are blocked in your country. Then only Zalmos Proxy will help you out to unblock these popular sites.

In this post, I will tell you how to use Zalmos proxy as well as usage of these proxies. Not only this, you will also get some basic information about

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Zalmos Proxy

As you know that there are hundreds of random proxies are available on the google. You just need to type “proxy” on the google search engine. Most of the Proxies are provided by the third party.


The the main reason behind these are,  they collect personal information, spam you with lots of random/explicit ads, popups & links, inject malicious script into user’s web browsing sessions and silently install spyware, adware, worms & harmful virus to the system.

So, to protect from all these spamming, pop-up ads, etc. I will give you detailed information Zalmos proxy. So that you can easily access the blocked websites. Zalmos provides a fast & SSL secure web proxy for free via its website

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So without wasting more time lets start and know about Zamous in detail.


Let’s check How To Use Zalmos to access any blocked website.

How to Use Zalmos Proxy

Zalmos Youtube

Zalmos is simple to use all you need to follow some simple steps given below so that you can easily unblock any website without using any third party proxy sites.

Step 1: First of all, click on

Step 2: Then, type the blocked website name that you want to unblock in your country.

Step 3: Now, just simply click on the “Click Me!” button to access the blocked site.

Step 4: After few seconds, the blocked website is opened on your device, browse it and Enjoy!!

What is Zalmos?

Zalmos Web Proxy

Zalmos is a France based specially designed web-based proxy which provides you fast free web-based proxy for all blocked sites. It means you can use zalmos to unblock all websites that are blocked by your ISP or by your government.

It is the best way or trick to unblock YouTube and all other blocked sites with very fast speed.

As you know that in 175 countries out of 220 countries there are many sites which are banned by the ISP or Government. To unblock these websites the Zalmos Proxy is the best proxy. The proxies of zalmos are best because it never provides us annoying ads and pop-up.

It provides us unlimited browsing without interruption of being redirected. So you can browse or explore anything with any commercial ads, pop-ups and redirect, etc.

As you know most proxies sites show you various ads and they redirect you to the main page. It becomes a big problem but once you use zalmos then you are protected from all these problems.

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Benefits of Zalmos Web Proxy

There are basically three major benefits of zalmos web proxy otherwise hundreds of minor benefits of this website. But we only discuss the major benefits which are given below.

1. Unblock Any Website:

As I mentioned above that many websites are blocked on the internet by different countries Government or ISP. So if want to use any blocked website of your country, so you can easily use it with the help of zalmos web proxy.

It acts like a buffer plate between you and the website that joins you and provides you the license to use any blocked website of your country. You can easily unblock youtube zalmos, Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Etc.

2. Anonymous Browsing allows you anonymous browsing so that no one can track you and your activity or no one can check what you are doing online because the first priority by Zalmos web proxy is Privacy.

3. Secure browsing always secure your browser from SSL, Free SSL ensure your security by encrypting page. Not only this, you can also login and easily upload your personal information online without any risk. Because on this site no one can get that information, it is difficult to find out.

Why Should You Use zalmose/Zelmox/

There are various reasons behind this which are given below.

  • Zalmos Secure your identity and allows you online high-speed browsing which provides you fast response.
  • does not provide you pop up ads and other commercial ads because it is Ad free Site.
  • The design of this website is simple and plain so you can easily use it without any issues.
  • It supports SSL so that it secure you and act like a security.
  • This amazing website is specially used to unblock Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.
  • It always opens legal website for you so that you can easily use it.
  • It allows you unlimited browsing with complete freedom at free of cost.

Why is so Famous

As you know that zalmos allow you to open any website with the help of its proxies. But it become popular or famous when it allows you to access following sites.

  • Youtube: If youtube is blocked in your country then you can easily use and watch videos on it with the help of
  • Google: Basically, Zalmos is Google proxy which allows you to open Google and browse it with fast speed.
  • Facebook: It provides you proxies for facebook also, so if FB is blocked in your country so you can use it on
  • Twitter: Twitter is also blocked in some countries so to access twitter use Zalmos Proxy.

Countries Using Zalmos Proxy

Zalmos web proxy is used in many countries because it provides good services to their users and allows them to access any blocked site.

So Zelmos is used in following countries.

  • China,
  • Iran,
  • Pakistan,
  • UK(United Kingdom),
  • USA(United States Of America),
  • Malaysia,
  • Cuba,
  • Brazil,
  • Thailand,
  • France, 
  • Egypt, Etc..

And there are many other countries who also use to unblock famous websites which are blocked in their countries.

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Proxies For Some Legal Blocked Sites:

Here below you will get the proxy for legal sites but which are blocked in your countries such proxies are:


At the end, I would say that Zalmos Proxy Server is the only one server that provides Good web-based proxy at free of cost. You can use these web based proxies to open all blocked sites that are blocked in your country.


Also Keep in Mind, that Zalmos Proxy allows you to access or Unblock the Legal sites of your country not illegal sites.

So, friends, this is all about Zalmos Proxy (Unblock Zalmos Youtube or Google). If you like than must share this article with your friends so that they can also access any Legal Blocked Site through Zalmos Mirrors 2018.

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