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Many times we think that the book we are searching is available for sale only or we have to download it from torrent sites. But just after a long search I have found some Ebook Torrents sites which allow us to download books.

Not only this…

All the books available on Ebook torrent are updated regularly. So will get new content which you can read/download at free of cost.

These days everyone likes to read books because it offers you the wealth of knowledge and wisdom. But the problem is, that the People are struggling and finding difficult to get the ebooks online for reading.

So what could be better than downloading your favorite books from Ebook torrent sites whenever you wish to read a book. Not only this you can also Stream Movies for free on these torrent sites.

Ebook Torrents

So my friend, If you are searching for the Best Ebook Torrents Sites where you can easily download your favorite books on them. Do you want to know about some latest Ebook Torrenting sites which provide you latest books?

If yes, then my friend you have arrived at the right place as here I’ll solve your all problems related to Ebook Torrents.


In this post, I will be providing you an exclusive list of Free Ebook Torrent Sites where can easily you can download thousands of books without paying any money.

Day by Day the technology gets increases because of this advanced technology and a rise towards digital media, e-books are becoming popular. That’s why most of the people using E-books and download their favorite books from them.

So let’s start with some amazing E-book torrent sites. But before starting let’s have a quick look at the popular categories of Ebooks.

Famous Categories of Ebook Torrents

  • Technology & Engineering
  • Science
  • Medical
  • Mathematics
  • History
  • Biography & Autobiography
  • Business & Economics
  • Computers
  • Fiction
  • Romance

Top Ebook Torrents Sites

1. ExtraTorrent

I think there is nobody who does not know about this torrent website name as ExtraTorrent. The popularity of this torrent sites increases day by day because the content they provided to their users is great.

It has a huge collection of latest books which is divided into the various categories and numerous of subcategories. You can also find your book with the name of author or book.

So because of its large variety of books available, you can easily download the book via this torrent site. Not only this it also allows you to Download free Movies, Games, Tv Series and Software.

2. KickAss Torrent

KickAss Torrent is one of the old and most popular search engines found in 2009. It gets popular when the traffic on Pirate Bay Torrent get decreases at that time KickAss Torrent popular and the best torrent sites that provide the high quality of content to their users.

There are 1,75,000 books available on KickAss Torrent site which you can easily download at free of cost and read it later whenever you free. Or we say that this torrent site is one of the best EBook Torrents sites.

Not only this, it also updates the content of Ebook so that their users get new books which they download through this eBook torrenting sites. But the problem is this site is currently blocked in many countries, you can still use it by using KickAss Torrent Proxy Sites.

3. The Pirate Bay

Here presenting an another old and famous torrent website name as The Pirate Bay which was founded in 2003. The best part about this Ebook Torrents site is, that it does not charge any amount of money for their Ebooks.


The popularity of The Pirate Bay gets decreases when in 2009 KickAss Torrent was launched. Before this only the Pirate Bay was the king of the torrent sites.

The pirate bay also has a huge library of items, including EBooks as like KickAss. It means it allows you to download a huge variety of books which are divided into different categories.

On that time this site has many archive articles and EBooks, which were not available anywhere else on any torrent sites.

4. Torrentz Ebook

Torrentz was a Finland based metasearch engine which was founded on July 17, 2003. And According to Torrent news, Torrentz was the 2nd most popular torrent website in the year 2012. 

And in the year 2015, it was one of the best Ebook Torrents sites which provides you a huge collection of Ebooks which are divided into different categories and various subcategories.

Not only this, it also allows you to Watch free Movies Online as well as Stream Tv series. This amazing torrent site is also known as the Google of Torrent sites.

If you can’t find out your favorite eBook so you can also read it on rent means you can easily read your favorite book On-demand.

5. 1337x Torrents

1337X is a peer to peer torrenting website founded in 2007 which works on the BitTorrent. According to TorrentFreak news, is the 6th most popular torrent website.

For the e-book lovers, it is a heaven because it provides you huge eBook collection which is divided into different categories.

1337x is famous for its media content rather than EBooks. It has an amazing collection of Movies as well as Tv series.

6. RARBG Torrents

I think everybody knows about this amazing Ebook Torrent site which allows you to peer to peer connection of magnet link on BitTorrent platform.

This popular Ebook torrenting site founded in 2008. And the popularity of this amazing torrent sites gets increases when it provides you different types of content such as Movies, Reality shows, games along with Ebook Torrents.

So who likes to read or download Ebooks they never ignored this amazing torrenting site. Currently, this site is banned in many countries but you can still use it by using RARBG Proxies.

7. EZTV Torrent

EZTV is not famous as like a KickAss, Torrentz, Etc but it has a decent collection of the Ebook. only offers the pdf formats of the popular books around the world.

This group was founded by a loose coalition of volunteers and its name was popular when it comes to downloading TV series. The best part about this amazing site is, that it does not provide you any pop-up ads and fake links that disturbs you while using this amazing site.

8. Free-eBooks.Net

Not only torrents you can also download ebooks by using free E-books website. This amazing website has a huge free source of eBooks which are available for download and you can easily download it for free.

The books available on this website are divided into different categories such as Fiction, Academic, Text-book, Children Audiobooks, Classics, Etc. Not only this, these categories are split into various subcategories like History, Medical, Mathematics, Marketing, Religion, Politics, Etc.

To use this website and download a free ebook, you just need to follow these simple steps given below.

Step 1: Simply Sign up and make a free account on

Step 2: Then, go to the search bar and use it to find the book that you want or you can also select any category.

Step 3: Choose any format of the ebook in which you want to download such as TXT or PDF.

Step 4: Then, download your favorite book and Enjoy!!

If you select VIP membership then you will also get EPUB because this is only available for VIP members.

So, these are some amazing sites of eBook Torrents where you will get the thousands of new books as well as your favorite books also. If you liked this exclusive list than share it with your friend so that they can also read the books on torrent sites.

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