Kodi Live Tv Addon: Exclusive list of Live Tv Kodi Addons (Latest 2018)

Hi friends, Today I have bought a few different things that will help you to play your Kodi Live Tv. So that thing which I’ll tell you in this post is Kodi Live Tv Addon. With the help of these Kodi Addons live tv you can easily watch your favorite Tv Shows on Kodi Live Tv.

So guys, if you are searching for the Best Kodi Addons for live tv. And if you are looking for the Kodi Tv Addons so that you can easily stream live Tv on Kodi. Do you want to know about the Kodi best live tv?

If yes, then my friend, you are at the right place as here I’ll be sharing an exclusive list of Kodi Live Tv Addon with our StreamRocks Audience. So with the help of these addons, you can easily able to stream Live Tv or Movies on Kodi.

Kodi Live Tv Addon

Kodi Live Tv Addon

I’ll be sharing this exclusive list because I was getting many queries regarding Kodi Live Tv Addons like;

  • How To Watch Live Tv On Kodi.
  • Best Kodi Addons For Live Tv
  • How to Access Kodi stream live tv

After getting these types of queries I thought why not to prepare an amazing list of Best Addons for Kodi live tv and share with our lovely users.

As you know that, these days we all are very busy with our work whether we are away, stall out on the late move in the workplace. At that time just, not a TV that gives you a chance to get your most loved shows.

It’s simple and easy to access live TVs. There are different live gushing additional items on the Kodi, here are the best live TV Addons for Kodi, which introduce you on any gadget, with its straightforward, simple directions.

Have a Look:

So without wasting more time let’s started with Best Kodi Live Tv Addon.


First, we talk about The Kodi, What are Addons, and Kodi Alternative!!

Facts About Kodi


Fundamentally, Kodi is a free and open-source media player which is a product based application made by XBMC Foundation. What’s more, it is an impeccable application on the off chance that you are a film, sports and Tv demonstrates darling.

This product was made for Microsoft Xbox and called Xbox Media Center (XBMC), Kodi has kept on advancing, bringing forth its very own group.

Kodi keeps running on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS (jailbroken gadgets just), Android, and even a significant number darken leisure activity gadgets like Raspberry Pi.

It works like an advanced set-top box or streamer when you interface any PC, cell phone or tablet with this gadget. In the wake of interfacing, you can easily watch content without much of a stretch ready to stream records from the web. Furthermore, it goes about as a Home system and nearby stockpiling.

What are Kodi Tv Addons

Basically, Add-ons are the hardware type of software that can be added to a computer to increase its ability or a program value that enhances a primary program.

And according to Kodi Tv Addons, these addons are like packages that add function and various features on your Kodi Live Tv. These addons are developed or created by the team members of Kodi.

Kodi is providing you various addons for online content such as YouTube, Hulu, Pandora Radio, Grooveshark. Not only this, you will also get some different types of skins or Themes on these Addons.

And the addons for Kodi Live Tv not only created by the staff members even also developed by some other third-party developers. All these addons provide you the great appearance on your device’s screen.

Best Kodi Alternative!!!

If you are looking for the Best Kodi alternative, then guys, I’ll tell you that Sling TV is the best Kodi alternative where you will get the same content as Kodi Addons providing us.

There are many Kodi addons that are may be illegal. But Sling Tv provides you various content like Live Tv Streaming with full Legal Rights. With the help of Sling Tv, you can easily access a lot of channels like ESPN, Fox Sports, AMC, HGTV and much more.

And the best thing is that you can stream your favorite content on these channels for a low cost. With the help of this streaming service, you can watch all channels from anywhere from any device, including  Amazon Fire TV or TV stick.

And the Kodi addons ask you some privacy and security questions that is the huge issue or risk sometimes in Kodi but Sling TV doesn’t ask you these types of questions. So you can use Sling TV without added privacy and security risks.

Now lets we discuss about the Best Live Tv Kodi Addon!!!

Best Kodi Live Tv Addon:- Latest 2018 live Tv Kodi Addons

So, guys, these below are the Best live tv Kodi addons. These add-ons help you out to stream your favorite Kodi content on Kodi Live Tv.

1. USTVNow Plus

USTVNow-Kodi Live Tv Addon

USTVNow-Kodi Live Tv Addon

USTVNow is the most popular live tv Kodi addon that permits you to access a lot of Steaming channels of US cable networks. If you want to use its free version then it only allows you to stream 7 basic network channels such as ABC, CBS, CW, Fox, NBC, PBS and My TV.

Otherwise, it charges $19.00 per month if you want to stream all US networks on your Kodi device. This paid subscription concur you to watch all the major channels such as History, SyFy, CNN, Fox News, and much more. Not only this, it also provides you some selected movie channels.

And the best thing about the services of USTVNow is, that you’ll get this streaming service from the Legal process. So avoid worrying about all these things because it follows all the laws regarding the Streaming rights.

So if you want to use its free service then you just need to go to their sign up page to create an account. After this, you can easily able to use its 7 channels. And if you want to stream USTVNow all channels then you need to buy a subscription plan.

  • Provides you 7 Channels For free
  • Legal Kodi Live Tv Addon
  • Allows you to stream a lot of Tv shows
  • Need Sign-up for free streaming
  • High subcription charges

2. Nemesis:- Best Kodi tv addons

Nemesis-Live Tv Kodi Addon

Nemesis-Live Tv Kodi Addon

Here presenting you an another great live tv addon for Kodi name as Nemesis. This addon is not so famous as other ones but it provides you the large amount and the variety of content on-demand and as well as Live Tv streaming shows for Kodi audience.

This add-on is not so popular but the best source for Kodi users, because it not just only provide you streaming even also provide you various functions for those who love to play audiobooks.

It also allows you to watch all around the world because it provides you live camera Feeds options. So you can easily watch the reality on your TV and watch something bit scripted.

  • Content On-Demand Option
  • Provides you a lot of Live Tv Shows
  • Unique function of Play audiobooks
  • Not so popular like others
  • Watch sometimes Bit scripted shows

3. Bennu:- Kodi Addons Live Tv

Bennu-Kodi Live Tv Addon

Bennu-Kodi Live Tv Addon

All we know about the Phoenix add-on but now it went offline, don’t worry my friend because Now Phoenix has indeed been relaunched in the formation of Bennu.

It is an Egyptian themed addon which is developed by the same developers as Phoenix. And the Beenu improves its all the previous gaps that they forgot to fill. So you can also say that this is the modified version of Pheonix.

It provides you various functions for the streamers with great organizational structure. Means you can easily find all the streaming options on Bennu. And this service also allows you to stream all channels from sports to Live Tv. And because of this reason, Bennu is the Best Kodi live Tv Addon.

Bennu is the best option for Kodi users because of it one of the most dynamic and maintained add-ons for Live Tv channels.

  • Great Egyptian Theme
  • Modification of Pheonix
  • Easy to Find Live Tv shows
  • Need VPN to activate
  • Sometimes gives you poblems

4. Bob Unleashed:- Great Live Tv Kodi Addon

BOB Unleashed Kodi Addon

BOB Unleashed Kodi Addon

Here presenting you an another great and one of the best Kodi tv addons name as Bob Unleashed. This addon is the original configuration of Bob Unrestricted add-on. And the developers of Bob Unrestricted provide the newer and modified form of addon which is called Bob Unleashed add-on.

In this newer version, they add various options for live Tv so that Kodi users can easily watch different types of shows on Kodi live Tv. Bob unleashed is only focus on the Live Tv which is the best part of this addon.

You’ll get the huge collection healthy and working library of live TV streams on this addon. So guys use this live tv Kodi addon if you like to watch Shows or episodes on Kodi.

  • Provides you original functions of Bob Unrestricted add-on
  • Easy to watch different types of Tv shows
  • Huge collection of Live Tv shows
  • Sometimes facced some issues
  • Need Vpn

5. BBC iPlayer (iPlayer WWW)

BBCiplayer Best Kodi Addon for Live Tv

BBCiplayer Best Kodi Addon for Live Tv

The BBC iPlayer addon (WWW iPlayer) enables you to get to the majority of the BBC’s live TV gushing substance and also their on-request content. This player functions admirably, and the BBC throws their substance in high caliber.

You’ll see that getting to the substance through here is simple, and as the substance gets through the authority BBC site, streams are once in a while down or have buffering issues.

There are a few stipulations, nonetheless. On the off chance that you are a British inhabitant, you will require a TV License. The individuals who live outside of the UK are limited from getting to this substance and should utilize a VPN.

  • Huge collection of Live Content
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Buffering issues sometime
  • British inhabitant required Tv licence

6. Goodfellas 2.0:- Amazing Kodi Live Tv Addon

Goodfellas: Kodi Live Tv Addon

Goodfellas: Kodi Live Tv Addon

The refreshed rendition of the first, prevalent Kodi addon is truly making a couple of waves in the Kodi people group. Goodfellas 2.0 will be one of your best alternatives for Streaming live TV as this addon rub a substantial number of streams for the greater part of the famous channels and a pack of channels and choices you might not have even considered.

This addon even scratches openly accessible webcams spilling content from over the globe — and even space, in case you’re into viewing the International Space Station live streams.

Goodfellas 2.0 likewise incorporates some TV shows and films on-request, with content acquired from prevalent sources like Specto. The stream quality is constantly great, in spite of the fact that streams can go down on occasion. In any case, this is a standout amongst other alternatives around, and you’re not going to need to overlook the potential that you’ll discover with this one.

  • Best Alternative for Live Tv streaming
  • Allows you to stream some famous channels
  • Great quality of content available
  • streams can go down on occasion
  • No choise options are available

7. Castaway:- Live Tv Kodi Addon

castaway: Kodi Live Tv Addons

castaway: Kodi Live Tv Addons

As you know that, the Castaway provides their services for a long time and its essential highlights never again work, regardless it has working connects to live TV streams.

You can locate these under the “Live TV” segment of the addon, where you’ll see a considerable rundown of various sites that stream live substance.

You’ll discover differing accomplishment with these sites. If it’s not too much trouble take note of that Castaway is never again being upheld by its engineer, such a significant number of the spilling alternatives may never again work.

8. Quantum: Live Tv Addons For Kodi

Kodi Live Tv addon Quantum

Kodi Live Tv addon Quantum

Quantum isn’t only one addon. Rather, this Kodi live tv addon has content for an expansive number of various add-ons. In case you’re searching for the prevalent ignorance addon, you won’t discover it anyplace however here at this point.

The first stupefaction addon can at present be introduced, however, you will find that the module never again fills in as an independent addon. Quantum has an exceptional segment only for live TV, which incorporates the live TV streams for Oblivion IPTV, and also a modest bunch of others, to incorporate BAMF IPTV, Pyramid Live, Ultra Live, Fido Live, Freeview (VPN required outside of UK), Lily Sports Live and Supremacy Live.

Each of these has particular live streams to provide, in spite of the fact that there are some perceptible hybrids, particularly concerning US and UK channels.

  • A lot of Channels are available
  • Discover it from any place
  • Best Kodi live tv addon
  • VPN required for outsiders of UK

9. Rising Tides

Rising Tides Kodi Live Tv Addon

Rising Tides Kodi Live Tv Addon

Here presenting you an another most popular Kodi Live Tv addon knows as Rising Tides. This live Tv Kodi addon is the better option for those Kodi users who like to stream all types of Live Tv shows.

This amazing add-on covers all type of live Tv channels from Sports to reality shows. It provides you a menu where you’ll get various types of functions which is organized by its developer.

This addon is the best because it is very quicky load observing add-on where you can easily watch your favorite shows on high-load. So use this addon for your Kodi Live Tv addon if you want to stream all types of Tv shows.

And if you want to download this amazing addon on your Kodi then you just need to read some simple steps which is given below.

How To Install Rising Tides:

  • First, open your Kodi home screen and then click on the System Settings (gear symbol, top left)
  • Then, click on the “File Manager” option
Kodi Live Tv File Manager

Kodi Live Tv File Manager

  • Now, select and click on “Add Source” 
  • Then, Enter the below URL or address on <None>


Rising tites URL

  • Now, return to your Kodi home screen and click on Add-ons
  • Now you’ll see a symbol of “Package” just click on them

Rising Tides Package

  • Then, click on the Install from zip option
  • Find out and click on the Rising Tides” link.

Rising tides link

  • Now, click on the option that is marked in below image.
Plugin for Rising Tides

Plugin for Rising Tides

  • That’s it!! Now enjoys your favorite Tv shows on this Kodi Live Tv Addon.


Guys, these above are the Best Addons for Live Tv Kodi. Use these addons if you really want to stream various types of Tv shows on Kodi live tv. These addons also allow you to stream different types of Movies.

I hope you really liked this amazing article about Best Kodi live tv Addon. And if you really liked then must share this article with your friends so that they can also use these Kodi addons live tv.

I will keep updating this article so that you’ll get more new Addons For Kodi Live Tv. And if you want these updates faster than other users than don’t forget to Bookmark this page.

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