KickAss Proxy:- Best Kat Proxy, Unblocked, and Mirrors 2018 (Kat Torrent)

Kickass Proxy:- Hey friends, Are you a huge fan of KickAss Torrent but can’t access Kat Torrent thesedays? If yes, then you have surely come here while searching for Kickass Torrent Mirrors & Unblocked websites, Right?

So, guys, if you are searching for Kat proxy for KickAss torrent site then you are at the right place. As here you’ll get some new KickAss Proxy 2018 so that you can easily access Unblock Kat Torrent in your country.

Mostly torrent sites are blocked in many countries which is the same happening with KickAss Torrent. Whenever they change their domain, the government blocked theirs domain after some time.

KickAss proxy

So my friend, If the kickass torrent is blocked for you or in your country. So don’t worry you can easily browse it in your device by using of a Kickass Torrent mirror or Kat Proxy sites. If don’t want to download movie so you can also Watch Free movies online.

Not only this, you can also Stream Tv shows for free Online. You can easily browse this Kickass proxy sites and it is 100% safe for you. Mainly these proxies are the replica of the Kat torrent so you can just browse it like a kickass torrent.

Do you know who create these proxies???

Kickass proxy or torrent mirrors are made by professionals webmaster and some other internet communities. Some of them directly from the staff of KAT and some are fake. But don’t worry those fake proxies are immediately blocked by ISP and KAT staff.

But here you will get the Top Kickass proxy which is created by kat staff members so that you can access KickAss Torrent by using their proxies. And the most amazing thing is, that these Kat Proxies are 100% secure and safe for you.

So let’s start with some facts about Kickass Torrent!!

Facts About KickAss Torrent

Kat Proxy

Kickass Torrent is a torrent search tool or search engine which is founded in 2008. This website is available in around 45 Languages to makes it easy for non-English users to access the content. It also provides API to download all data from their websites.

This site is one of the most popular BitTorrent sites because when ThePirateBay was offline for 2 months the number of visitors automatically increased on this website.

The content of all torrents sites are divided into various categories and numerous of subcategories such as Action, Drama, Movie, Tv Series, Trailer, Adventure, Etc.

The best part about this torrent site is, that user can also send a request for their favorite movie if they can’t find on torrent. But Their .so domain is suspended so they have moved to .to TLD.

There is an idea box on the left section of the website so you can submit your ideas, thought and feedback on this website. Kickass torrent provides you an AIP so your work gets easy you can search your favorite movies easily.

Site’s ranking on Alexa

  • Global Alexa ranking of this site is 75
  • India ranking is 29
  • And, Rank in the US is 98

Benefits of Using KickAss Proxy:

  • This proxy provides you the High quality of content so you should visit this website.
  • This amazing website is verified by the staff members of KAT torrent that’s why it is 100% secure for all of you.
  • The designing of the Kickass torrent is simple and easy so you can easily use it without any issue.
  • It gives you the huge collection of content and the content of kickass mirror is divided into various categories such as drama, action, entertainment, Adventure, Fun, Etc.
  • You can easily download Movies, Tv shows, Music, premium software & games, Ebooks etc. without taking any risk at free of cost.
  • There is an article section where you will get the latest articles and news regarding all forms of technological trends.
  • It provides a quick tool name as AIP where you can search kat torrent popular content.
  • You can run this website on different platforms such as Phone, Desktop, Etc.
  • The best part about these websites is, that you can easily use these proxies in low internet connection.

So, guys, this is all about KickAss Torrent Proxy. Once you use our proxies you can easily able to access original Kat Torrent. So, must use our Kat Proxies and also share with your friends on social media so that they can also download its content for free.

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