iOS Emulator For Pc: Best iPhone Emulator For Pc [Windows]

Hey Guys, If you are here then I’m correct, that you are unquestionably come here while looking iOS Emulator for Windows. So if you are searching for the Best iOS Emulator for Pc but can’t find out. Do you want some iPhone emulator for pc?

If yes, then my friend, you all are landed at the right place as here I will be sharing an exclusive list of iPhone emulator windows. And also Download iOS 9 For Android.

I was getting many queries regarding iOS on PC like:

  • How to Install ios emulator for windows?
  • Which Emulator runs iOS apps in Windows?
  • How to Run iOS apps on Windows or Pc?
Best iOS Emulator for Pc

Best iOS Emulator for Pc

So, In this post, I’m back again to solve your all these queries regarding iOS Emulator for Pc. So now you don’t need to worry because as here in this article I will list all iOS-based emulator which is available for Windows Platforms.


If you want to know about this iPad Emulator for pc, then you just need to keep reading this article. As well as you also need to follow some simple steps given at the last of this article.

If you own an iPhone and have Windows Laptop or Pc, then life can get little hard for you. Because you faced many difficulties while transfer data from iOS to Windows.

So, if you are facing such type of difficulties and want to know about the Apple Emulator for Pc, Then this article will help you greatly.

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So without wasting more time on talk, Let’s we would be discussing some of the Best iOS Emulator for PCs.


First of all, check What is iOS Emulator, its Advantages, and Difference between iOS Emulator and Simulators…

What is an iOS Emulator?

What is iOS Emulator

What is iOS Emulator for Windows

An iOS or iPhone emulator is a product or an App that tricks the iPhone into supposing it is another PC, machine. At that point, it enables you to run the copied machine’s projects as well as diversions on your iPhone.

For Example:- When you run an iOS NES Emulator on your iPhone or iPad, then you would be able to run old Nintendo NES recreations. Additionally, when you run a Palm or a Mac in addition to the emulator on an iPhone, you can make the iPhone run Palm and Mac in addition to the application.

It empowers the Windows framework to run any iPhone/iPad applications and recreations in it. You can run them on your Windows PC or tablet and access them immaculately as you run them on your Apple gadgets. With emulators and test systems, you can try your applications while creating them and troubleshoot them.

So, emulators are pretend plans that help to work with utilizations having a place with different OS and guarantee smooth operation of these applications.

Use Of iOS Simulator:-

This iOS emulator for pc not only use while accessing the iOS apps and Games, it also has various features which are given below.

  • This emulator runs on multiple devices which have contained the same operating systems.
  • It helps you out while finding the major issues in your app during early testing and design.
  • You can test your app with the help of developer tools which are available only on Simulators.
  • It helps you to test builds iOS apps during the development process
  •  You can easily learn more about the Xcode development as well as iOS Developer Program

Benefits of Using an iPhone emulator for pc

  • It is simple to use and have faster Programming.
  • All these Emulators are Free to use and provided with SDK which releases every new operating system.
  • You can easily install this emulator on your Pc because it doesn’t require High-Tech Processor System.
  • You can run this amazing emulator on multiple devices without spending any amount of money.

Difference B/W iOS Emulator and Simulator

Difference betweem iOS Emulator and Simulator

Difference between iOS Emulator and Simulator

Although the Sounds of both of these two words “Emulator” and “Simulator” are same, still there are various types of variation between them. And both are works on the different principles.

So let’s check out the difference between iOS Simulators and Emulators!!!

First of all, we discuss about the Emulator!!


An emulator works as a substitution for the Orignal gadget. It can run a similar programming and utilization of the Orignal gadget without adjusting them. And it can’t point out the difference in the copy framework. Emulators are fundamentally utilized by non-iOS clients who need to encounter the iPhone/iPad interface without having the Original gadget.


On the other hand, we discuss about the Simulator!!!

A Simulator can set up the comparative condition as the Original gadget’s OS yet doesn’t try to imitate its equipment. Because of this reason, a few applications won’t work in Simulator systems or may run in an unexpected way. A Simulator system regularly runs the code speedier and smoother and it dispatches right away within seconds.

After the comparison of both Simulator and Emulator, we find out that Emulator is mostly preferred by users and developers to test drive apps due to its user-friendly features and flexibility.

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I think all these benefits of iOS emulator for windows and differences are enough for you. So now let us discuss about the Best iOS Emulator For Pc.

As you know that guys there are various Emulators for Windows are available on the Web but it is difficult for you to find out the Best one. But, now you don’t need to face any difficulties because out team had researched about iPhone Emulator for Pc in depth before writing this article.

So you can easily select the Best iOS Emulator for Windows from the below list!!

Best iOS Emulator for Pc(Windows)

1. MobiOne Studio

MobiOne Studio :ios emulator for pc

MobiOne Studio: ios emulator for pc

This amazing program was launched in 2009 and it has been downloaded by more than half a millions of designers and developers because of its great features.

MobiOne Studio is one of the Best iPhone emulator for pc or Laptop which runs easily on windows. And this iOS emulator works for developing the Cross-Platform of the mobile apps for iOS and Android systems.

The apps of this emulator are built on HTML 5 hybrid native app model with the help of Cordova/ PhoneGap open source framework. It can easily build native iOS apps and you can use it anywhere and any compatible device.

The best part about this emulator is, that you can easily build status notifications on the desktop, share app and web app links via email, configure your app to run on iPhone and iPad, app branding with custom icons, view status of your app with the help of MobiOne.

And it also helps you with the AppCenter Progress view and automatically downloads the app installation file on your computer on completion of a project. And the best thing is, that You can easily Install the MobiOne Studio for Free on your Windows PC.

2. SmartFace

SmartFace: iphone emulator for pc

SmartFace: iphone emulator for pc

Smartface is an iOS app Emulator and like a tester which helps you to develop a cross-platform native iOS apps. It is an app developer software, and the Smartface helps you to emulate iOS without paying any amount of money.

Smartface is a Full-featured enterprise mobility management platform which reduces the cost, increases productivity, removes dependency and provides strategic mobility solutions.

This emulator is the most popular emulator which allows you to develop unlimited apps absolutely free of cost. And the best thing is, that you can easily use this emulator without facing any difficulties.

All you just need to install the app on the host device through the app store then connect it to the windows system. It is necessary for your Windows device should have the iTunes installed so that two system can work in sync.

There is also a Debugging feature in this emulator through which you can easily Debug your apps. This feature also helps you as the app developer flexibility which works with it and develops apps.

The main features of Smartface are:

  • WYSIWYG Design editor
  • Enterprise plugins and services
  • Plugins support to extend Smartface apps
  • Testing apps and debugging
  • Javascript library
  • Single Javascript codebase

3. iPhone Simulator Windows

iPhone Simulator Windows

iPhone Simulator Windows

It is one of the best Emulator for iOS which allows you to access iPhone apps and games on your Windows iOS on PC or laptop. With the help of this simulator, you can easily test underdeveloped apps to find out the major issues in it.

While you go for purchasing an iPhone there is a major financial problem comes so in that cases you can use this app as a virtual iPhone for your desktop. It contains high-quality graphics and interface which exactly an iPhone clone.


The major drawback of this simulator is, that you can not get access to the Apple App Store and few of the apps cannot be accessed by default. You can easily install this simulator on your computer without spending any money because it is a free program.

This amazing emulator supports all versions of iOS, iPhone and iPad, including iOS 4, iOS 5, iOS 6, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini and iPad Air. So this is the greatest advantage of using this emulator and simulator on your Pc or laptop.

So if you are having issues with purchasing an iPhone or iPad, but still you want to use iOS apps on your device, then emulators are the best alternative for your requirements.

4. Air iPhone Emulator For Pc

air iphone emulator For Pc

air iphone emulator For Pc

Air iPhone or iOS Emulator for Pc is the widely used program for the Windows users. It is an alternate of the iOS Simulator Windows which works like a replica of the iPhone’s Graphical User Interface.

If you want to run Air iPhone on your device then you will need the AIR framework for the application to the program. And it is not a fully functional application, you will find many differences while running apps on it as a comparison to the Original device.

It completely reproduces the iPhone but you may find different types of troubles while testing your apps on it.

It does not have many advantages but it is another better option for those people who want to experience the iPhone can use it smoothly.

5. iPadian

iPadian:- iOS Emulator for Pc

iPadian:- iOS Emulator for Pc

iPadian is a software program for iOS on PC that is running on Windows, and it allows you to access alternative desktop that looks like an iPad Screen. iPadian is the best ios emulator for pc and it is based on the Adobe Air Platform and can’t run without that being first installed on the computer.

And it is not possible to access all the native iOS application on the iPadian. The best thing is, that it comes with its own app store. So can easily run iOS apps on your device because it has a huge collection of iOS apps. So just install the apps and Enjoy!!

This software enables you to develop iOS and Android apps on your cloud storage device!!!

So those people who want to experience the iPhone can easily use this amazing software on your device at free of cost. Yes, guys, this programme is absolutely Free!!!

How to Install iOS Emulator For Pc

If you want to install iOS emulator for windows on your device and get the experience of the iPhone then you just need to follow some simple steps given below.

  • First of all, you just need to choose and select any one emulator from the above list.
  • Then, all you need to click on the “Download” button given the detail of each iOS emulator.
  • Now, double-click on the installation file which you have downloaded in the above step.
  • Then, follow the instructions and continuously click on the Next>> button to continue the process.
  • Once, you successfully installed the software on your device then follow the below steps to run the apps on it.

How to Run iOS Apps in Windows

  • After a complete installation of iOS on PC, all you need to double click on the icon of the Emulator.
  • Then you just need a simple click on the App Store.
  • Now, Download your favorite apps from the App store and Enjoy!!


I think all these information regarding iPhone Emulator For Pc is enough for you and I hope all these things are enough for all your queries.

I know guys it is not possible to for many people to afford the iPhones or other Apple devices because of its high cost. But Once you install any software on the above list of iOS Emulator For Pc, then you can easily able to use the replication of an iPhone on your device.

So guys, use these emulators and get the experience of an iPhone and Enjoy!!!

If you really liked this amazing list then must share this list with your friends so that they can also use iOS apps on the Windows pc or laptop.

And I will keep updating this article so that you will get more new ios emulator for pc as well as iPhone simulator windows and easily able to use iOS on PC.

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