Live Tv Streaming Sites: Watch Live Shows Online For Free (2018)

Hey guys, If you are here then I’m right, that you have definitely come here while searching for best  Free Live Tv Streaming Sites. So guys if you are looking for the various sites for stream Live TV Free and want to watch live Tv Online free streaming on these sites.

If yes, then you are landed at the right place as here I will solve your all queries which are arises in your mind. So you do not need to worry about live tv streaming sites.


In this post, I will share some Free Live Tv Streaming Sites with our lovely Streamrocks audience so you can easily stream your favorite Tv shows or reality shows Live on your device.

New Live Streaming Sites 2018

New Live Streaming Sites 2018

Not only Live, you can also watch your favorite Tv shows later on your device because it not only allows you Live streaming also allows you to stream it later after completing your important works.

As I know that most of you are the biggest fan of UFC,  Rush Hours, WWF, Man Vs Wild and some other Tv Shows.


The biggest question is where you can Watch all your favorite shows like Free Anime Steaming Or other Tv series & reality shows.

So I thought why not build a site where I will easily share some free TV Streaming sites with you.

On the other side, You will get various websites which give you a large number of channels. But those websites are not available in foreign if some are available so they charge some fee.

So here in this post, I will tell you about the live Tv Streaming Sites who do not charge any amount of money.


What is Live Tv Streaming Sites?

These sites are that sites, where you can easily see your all the favorite show later after completing your important work.

There are two types of Live Tv Streaming Sites First, is paid and secondly is free. But here, I only share Free Live Tv Streaming Sites with you.

These sites are great if you do not want to miss your first chance to watch your favorite show or match. There are a large number of Free Live TV Streaming Sites that give access to many events.

If you want to keep yourself updated with current affairs than watching live tv is the best way. If you like to Watch Live Sports so you can easily watch Cricket, Golf, Basketball, Etc. match. And news also to keep your self-updated.

Why Should You Use These Free Live Streaming Tv Sites

As you know guys, that these days we all are very busy with our work, so in this busy schedule we don’t have time to sit in front of Tv for streaming our favorite Live Tv Shows. Even guys I’m very busy in my daily routine line.


We still want to stream our favorite Live tv Shows!!!

So if you want to stream your favorite Tv shows Live fro your naked eyes, so you can easily watch it on your device. To watch it you just need these Live Tv Streaming Sites which are given below in the list. These sites help you out when you want to Stream Live reality show.

You can easily Stream your favorite Live tv Shows on your device and enjoy!!!

List Of Free Live Tv Streaming Sites:

Let’s start with detailed information about all the Free Live Tv Streaming sites which are given below.

1. BBC iPlayer

 BBC iPlayer

If you want to watch live Tv on your computer then BBC iplayer is one of the best live Tv Streaming sites. It comes with the great collection of the Live match, Tv Serials, Live Shows and some other series.

You just need to enter your favorite show on the search pad to avail this Live Tv Streaming site. You do not need to pay any amount of money for all Live shows.

This website comes with some really cool features that you can listen to live radio on it.  You can search your show as well as the channel. All the channels and shows name arranges in alphabetically.

  BbC iPlayer

2. Free Tv Hub

Free Tv Hub

Free Tv Hub is an another better option to watch your all favorite shows on it. This amazing website is one of mine favorite Free live Tv Streaming sites. You can easily watch all the shows, Series and matches online on Your Computer.

It comes with more than 400 Channels which are listed in its collection. You can see all these channels at free of cost means you do not need to spend a single penny for all these channels.

To avail this free live tv streaming site you just need to click on the Free TV Hub button given below and select the region. After this, you can easily watch the channel what you want.

Not only this it also allows you to watch online News channels on it. This website has a great option for their users that is language. You can easily see your show in various languages.

  Free Tv Hub


FreeTvAll: Live Tv Streaming Sites

FreeTvAll: Live Tv Streaming Sites

Here presenting you an another amazing live tv streaming free website where you can easily watch Live Tv on your computer, laptop or mobile.

This site has a huge collection of content which is slits into various categories not only this it also has the number of subcategories. So due to its large variety of content, it has a good user -interface.

And because of its simple and plain theme, you can easily able to explore this amazing site on your device without facing any difficulties.

The best thing about this amazing site is, that you can easily use this site on different platforms like iOS as well as Android. So if you are iOS users then you can also able to Stream Live Tv series on your device.

One of the best features of this amazing site is, that if you want to add any of the channels which is not listed on this site, so this site allows you to add your favorite channels.

To visit this site, all you need a single click on the link of Free Tv All Given below. After clicking Stream Your Favorite Live Show and Enjoy!!!

4. Yupp Tv

Yupp Tv

This website is made for the Indian users as well as for foreigners. In this website first you need to select your region and then you can watch your favorite Tv Shows, Series, Channels on your laptop or Computer.

This website is one of the popular websites of Free live TV Streaming Sites. While using this website your computer or laptop is work like a Television.

To avail this you need to enter your region and then enter your favorite channel, show, movies in the searching pad. Then you can easily watch your show on this website.

  Yupp Tv

5. Streema


Streema is an another good website where you can easily watch Tv on your computer or Laptop. You can watch your favorite shows, series, movies, matches on this Free live Tv Streaming site.

This website allows you to watch any of the channels, Shows, serials, etc by your region and native language. This website is user-friendly and easy to use.

It comes with the largest collection of channels from countries but it is divided into different regions and cities.

This amazing website comes with some amazing features. You can easily watch your shows and other kinds of channels even in the slow internet. This website does not charge any fee for their shows. Means you can easily watch all the channels at free of cost.

  Yupp Tv

6. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time Watch Tv Series For Free

Popcorn Time Watch Tv Series For Free

Here comes an another one of the most popular free live TV streaming sites which allows you to stream a large variety of different types of Live Tv shows.

It offers you a huge collection of Tv shows which are divided into different types of Genre and numbers of Subcategories. So you just need to select your favorite category of the Tv show which you want to stream live on your device.

Popcorn Time is a great website and due to its high-quality of content, it gives you the good user experience!!

It also allows you to search for your favorite Tv show, you just need to type your Favorite Tv show on the search bar on this website.

And the good thing about this site is, that you do not need any registration or Sign-Up to browse this amazing site on your device. Not only this, it also runs on both devices such as Android and iOS, means iPhone users also use this website easily on their mobile.

So if you want to visit this site then you just need a single click on the link of Popcorn Time which is given below. So guys use this site and Enjoy Free Streaming of Tv Shows!!

7. Squid Tv

Squid Tv

Squid Tv is an another Free live Tv streaming Site where you can watch your favorite Tv serials, series, Channels, Etc at free of cost. It comes with the unique feature which is, You can listen to radio also on this website.

It comes with various channels which cover the entire world. These channels are divided into different regions. To avail this Free Live Tv streaming site you just need to click on the Squid Tv button Which is given below.

This website is user-friendly as well as you can easily use this website. Once you use this website then you feel your computer or laptop like a TV.

This website allows you to watch your favorite show, Channels, Etc even while your net speed is slow. You do not need to spend a single penny for all your favorite channels because the site is a free live tv streaming website.

  Squid Tv

8. USTV Now


Basically, USTV Now was launched for the American citizens those are living outside the United States. You can easily sign-up on this Free live tv streaming site after this any anyone can access the live Channels from anywhere in the world.

This website is one of the best websites where you can watch live Tv streaming channels of the US. It comes with a unique feature that is, You can simply record the Upcoming channels.

The design of the website is superb and easy to use. On this website, you can also watch your favorite shows, Channels with HD Quality.

This website gives you 10 channels free these channels are main broadcasting channels of the united states. These channels are  ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNBC, CNN, National Geographic, Animal Planet, ESPN, PBS etc.  Not only this you just need to purchase the high-level subscription to avail all the channels.

   USTv Now

9. Tubi TV

Tubi TV

Here, guys, I’m sharing with you an another popular streaming site name as Tubi Tv, which allows you to stream different types of Tv Shows. Not only this, it also offers you movies. And you can easily stream all these movies and Tv shows absolutely Free!!!

So guys, if you want to use these Free services of this site, then all you need to sign up on Tubi Tv. And it does not charge you any money for this sign-up, it is also free for all users.

So first create an account on this amazing site and start watching your favorite Tv shows and Episodes as well as movies on it.

And the best thing about this site is, that this Tv world is 100% legal and have a license agreement with the government. So if you want to visit this legal Streaming site then, you just need to click on the link of Tubi Tv given below.

And the great future in this site is, that it tracks your watch history and learn your viewing habits and shows you only that things which you really like to watch.

It has more than 40,000+ shows and movies for their users so that they can stream a large variety of shows easily. It also updates its content regularly so that their users will get new content.

10. Stream2Watch


Stream2Watch is an another superb and one of the best Free Sports Streaming sites. It allows you to choose the channels of different countries and in total there are 35 countries channels.

It comes with the great design which is easy to handle means this website is simple and easy to use. All the channels are available in HD quality.

This website covers all the sports categories such as football, cricket, American football, basketball, badminton, athletics, golf, baseball etc.

Not only this it also has a huge collection of worldwide Tv Channels, Series, Etc. You can easily watch these channels o your computer, Laptop, Mobile or Tablet. You just need to click on the button given below to avail this service.


11. Hotstar


Hotstar is an another Free live tv streaming sites which is made for the Indian users. This website is the part of the Star India Company. This website provides you various channels of Entertainment, actions, etc.

Hostar is launched during Cricket World Cup so it is an exclusive online telecast of cricket. During this world cup, this app is downloaded by 25 millions of users and more than 300 users watch matches on this.

Hotstar allows you to watch free in such events and they get the revenues from the advertisement. Most of the events are free on Hotstar but other sites take some money or monthly package.

You can also download the movies and shows and watch later in offline mode. To avail this Free live Tv Streaming site you just need to click on Hotstar button given below.


12. TV Player

TV Player

Tv Player gives you more than 100 channels in each region. So you can easily watch your favorite channels, shows, Etc online on Tv Player at free of cost.

While you using this website you do not need any setup box and no installation. You can easily watch all these channels on your Computer, mobile, Tablet and laptop.

It also has the premium offer. If you go for it premium options then you will get various amazing channels. Not only this you can also access the latest music &  videos and you can also get the offers on shopping.

  Tv Player


All these sites which are given in our exclusive list of 10+Free live Tv Streaming Sites are the better option for your free time or if you are busy.

After many searches, we found these legal Free Live Tv Streaming sites and I think these sites are enough for you if you like to watch live Tv shows on your device.

The best part about these sites is that you can easily run these sites on different devices such as Mobile (Android or iOS), Tablet, Laptop and much more.

And if you really liked this article about Free live Tv Streaming sites then must share this amazing list with your friends so that they can also enjoy the free Live Tv shows in Free time.

I will keep updating this list regularly so that you will get more new Live Tv Streaming sites. And if you want these updates faster than other then don’t forget to Bookmark this article!!

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