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Download Windows ME ISO:- Windows ME operating system was launched in September 2000, and it was the last operating system in Windows 9x series. Windows ME was started for the home users and was a replacement of Windows 98 SE (Second Edition) operating system with updated and improved features. It has also some selected highlights of Windows 2000. Windows ME is also associated as Windows Millennium Edition. It had considerable improvements in pre and post-logon boot time and cold boot time.

Release date

Microsoft released to manufacturing on 19 June 2000 and launched in 14th September 2000. Latest released was 4.90.3000 on September 14, 2000.

End of Life (EOL)

Windows ME’s mainstream support ended on December 31, 2003, and the extended support ended on July 11, 2006.

Download Windows ME ISO

Download Windows ME ISO

How to Download Windows ME ISO

Step 1: Insert the Windows ME installation disk and then boot the computer.
Step 2: Accept the license agreement and click Next.
Step 3: Enter your product key and click next.
Step 4: Select “no.”
Step 5: Insert the Start Up disk.
Step 6: Ignore the message (unless you put a blank floppy disk in the drive) and click OK.
Step 7: Click Finish.
Step 8: Ignore the message (unless you put a blank floppy disk in the drive) and click OK.
Step 9: Restart the computer.
Step 10: Fix a frozen screen.
Step 11: Restart your computer.
Step 12: Continue the installation.
Step 13: Type in your username (and password if you have allocated one) and click OK.

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Windows ME Key Features

1. With an Improved Accessibility Feature: Mouse control panel introduced with the feature named as IntelliPoint. It enables the cursor to hide while typing and showing it on pressing Ctrl.
2. Auto Updates: This feature allows to download and install critical updates automatically from the windows update. Before, users had to check the website manually.
3. Windows Movie Maker- Windows ME added a new feature in digital media, i.e., Movie maker that permit users to take videos and edit media content.
4. Faster boot times: Windows ME features numerous improvements for improving cold boot time, pre and post-logon boot times and time required for resuming from hibernation.
5. Home Networking Wizard- The Home Networking Wizard is intended to promote users to set up a computer which runs Windows ME for use on a small home network.
6. Windows ME has Increased Active Accessibility support in utilities such as Calculator and Magnifier.
7. Internet Explorer 5.5- Windows ME also included Internet Explorer 5.5 which supports a new Print Preview feature.
8. Windows ME has shipped with the MSN Messenger Service.
9. Play (UPnP) (new) – adds the ability for the computer to request ports autonomously to the router. (An inherent security problem, but simplifies home networking in many scenarios.)
10. Inbuilt ZIP support (improved) – allows the creation and extraction of ZIP folders natively in Windows.

Facts About Windows ME

Microsoft decided to end the support for Windows ME on December 31, 2004. But, to give customers extra more time to shift themselves to newer Windows versions, particularly in developing or emerging markets, Microsoft decided to maintain support until July 11, 2006. Support for Windows 98 also ended on the same date. Microsoft company stop support for these products because the company considers them useless and running these products can expose users to security risks.

System requirements for running Windows ME in Detailed

Basic Requirements –

1. 28.8 Kbps modem or faster with the current Internet connection
2. CD-ROM drive
3. Soundcard
4. Speakers or headphones
5. Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
6. VGA or higher resolution monitor
7. Pentium 150MHz processor or better
8. 32MB of RAM or better
9. Minimum 320MB free HDD space

Additional requirements for Windows Media Player 7:

1. SVGA Monitor
2. Pentium II 166MHz processor or better
3. 64MB of RAM
4. 1GB free hard-disk space

Additional requirements for Windows Movie Maker:

1. 56.6 Kbps modem or faster with the current Internet connection
2. SVGA Monitor
3. Pentium II 300MHz processor or better
4. 64MB of RAM
5. 2GB free hard-disk space
6. Good quality microphone
7. Video capture card

Removed features

Windows ME limited support for real mode MS-DOS. As a result, IO.SYS in Windows ME disregards CONFIG.SYS, COMMAND.COM and WIN.COM and directly execute VMM32.VXD. It was aimed primarily at home users and removed specific enterprise-oriented features. In Windows ME, Several features of its predecessors did not work or were officially unsupported by Microsoft such as Automated Installation, Active Directory client services, System Policy Editor, Personal Web Server and ASP, which were supported on its predecessors, Windows 98 and Windows 95. Windows ME never launched a Resource Kit Publication that targeted towards system administrators. Windows ME limited support for real mode MS-DOS.

Several Removed features which were never updated to work with Windows ME included QuickView, Microsoft Fax, DriveSpace, and the GUI FAT32 conversion tool. Several Windows Explorer commands were obsoleted in Windows ME.

Windows ME Editions:

The latest version of Windows ME has a brand-new name, but it’s not the whole new bag of tricks that everyone might expect. Microsoft’s Windows Millennium Edition (a.k.a. Windows ME) is the company’s third update to Windows 98. But Millennium only adds up to about Windows 98 3/4-. It offers the same customizable user profiles as Windows 95 and only a few upgrades from Windows 98. And, despite promises of higher speed and stability, people’s experience found that Windows ME was, in some cases, actually slower than its predecessor. Windows ME won’t be able to take advantage of dual processors, as Windows 2000 Professional can.

Why Should You Download Windows ME?

  • Windows ME inherited specific shell enhancements from Windows 2000 such as the auto-complete feature in Windows Explorer, personalized menus, and customizable toolbars.
  • Windows ME introduced the Windows Image Acquisition API that helps applications communicate with image acquisition devices.
  • Windows ME restricted the real-mode DOS prompt, which was an essential feature in earlier editions of Windows.
  • Windows ME had several improvements, and it was criticized for stability issues and other bugs.
  • Windows ME is a production of the Windows 9x model.

Issues Faced by Windows ME Users

Everyone knows that Microsoft is not supporting Windows ME now. The reason is that users are not receiving any security update from Microsoft. The lack of security update generates numerous problems such as virus infection, malware attack which can affect files and folders or sometimes hard disk also. Theses Windows Millenium issues make the data inaccessible or delete them permanently.

In this situation, the user should have an antivirus to protect their files or data, but sometimes antivirus also removes those files with the virus which are inaccessible or affected with the virus. To recover their data, users can backup from the backup system. But if there is no backup system, then you can go for Windows ME File Recovery Software to enhance all types of files and folders.

Windows ME was not able to handle RAM more than 512 MB by default. Systems may lose stability with more massive RAM. Systems with 1.5 GB of RAM or more may reboot continuously during startup.

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