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Windows 98 ISO Download:- Windows 98 also codenamed as Memphis is a graphical operating system and a widely-installed product in Microsoft’s evolution of the Windows operating system. Windows 95 is the second influential release in the Windows 9x and the successor to Windows 95.  Windows 98 is based on MS-DOS and a composite 16-bit and 32-bit solid product with the boot stage. To make the user friendlier, they struck the perfect balance between functions and functionality and user-friendliness. Windows 98 was released as intended with its tightly unified browser.

Download Windows 98 ISO

Download Windows 98 ISO

Release Date

It was manufactured on 15 May 1998 and was released on June 25, 1999, by Microsoft. Windows 98 Second Edition (version no.- 4.10.2222) was published on 5th May 1999 with an upgraded edition of the original with extra features.

End of Life (EOL)

Windows 95 was succeeded by Windows ME. On 30th June 2002, Microsoft ended support for Windows 98 for the mainstream and four years later, on 11th July 2006 for the Extended support.

How to Download Windows 98 ISO

Step 1- Choose to “Boot from CD-ROM” and press ↵ Enter.

Step 2- Highlight “Start Windows 98 setup from CD-ROM.” and press ↵ Enter.

Step 3- Highlight “Configure unallocated disk space (recommended)” and press enter.

Step 4- Choose to “Boot from CD-ROM” and press ↵ Enter

Step 5- Highlight “Start Windows 98 setup from CD-ROM.” and press ↵ Enter.

Step 6- Choose where you want the computer to install Windows 98 then click “Next.”

step 7- Choose your setup options and what components to install & Provide the computer a name and a Workgroup and click “next.”

Step 8- Choose your country from the list and click “Next.”

Step 9- Restart the computer and highlight “Boot from Hard Disk” and press ↵ Enter

Step 10- Accept the agreement and click “next.”

Step 11- Enter your product key exactly and click “next.”

Step 12- Click finish button and highlight “Boot from Hard Disk” and press ↵ Enter.

Step 13- Set your Date/Time Properties and click “close” when finished.

Step 14- Restart your computer and highlight “Boot from Hard Disk” and press ↵ Enter.

Windows 98 installation is complete.

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Windows 98 Features

It had significant updates and improvements such as fixes and support for new peripherals.

  1. Excellent Internet support – Windows 98 has integrated the Internet standard comprehensively. It unifies and simplifies desktop with Internet technology. It allows the users to find and browse the information on the computer or the internet more directly and faster with greater stability.
  2. Self-maintained – With the brand new self-maintenance and updating function, users can have more time to concentrate on work or games instead of system management.
  3. Updated Internet Explorer – Windows 98 includes Internet Explorer 4.01 in First Edition and 5.0 in Second Edition.
  4. Extra applications – Outlook Express, Windows Address Book, FrontPage Express, Microsoft Chat, Personal Web Server and a Web Publishing Wizard.
  5. Shell integrations – The Windows 98 shell integrates such as the Quick Launch toolbar, Active Desktop, deskbands, Channels, Minimizing windows from the taskbar, Back and Forward navigation buttons, favorites, address bar in Windows Explorer, image thumbnails, folder info tips and Web view in folders, and folder customization through HTML-based templates. Another feature of this new shell is that dialog boxes show up in the Alt-Tab sequence.
  6. Additional shell enhancements – Windows 98 also integrates shell enhancements, themes and other features from Microsoft Plus! for Windows 95 such as DriveSpace 3, Compression Agent, Dial-Up Networking Server, Dial-Up Scripting Tool and Task Scheduler.
  7. Game – 3D Pinball is included on the CD-ROM, but not installed by default.
  8. Auto-capitalize Filenames – Windows 98 converts all uppercase filenames to sentence case for readability purposes.
  9. Windows Driver Model – Windows 98 was the first operating system to use the Windows Driver Model (WDM). Support for WDM audio enables digital mixing, routing, and processing of simultaneous audio streams and kernel streaming with high-quality sample rate conversion on Windows 98. WDM Audio allows for software emulation of legacy hardware to support MS-DOS games.
  10. USB support – Windows 98 supports USB hubs, USB scanners, imaging class devices, USB Human Interface Device class (USB HID), and PID class devices such as USB mice, keyboards, force feedback joysticks, etc. including additional keyboard functions through a certain number of Consumer Page HID controls.
  11. MapCache – Windows 98 has a performance feature called MapCache that enables applications to run directly from the disk cache.
  12. Advanced registry handling – Windows 98 registry handling has greater performance as compared to Windows 95 in avoiding registry corruption, and there are several enhancements to eliminate limitations and improve registry performance.
  13. Microsoft Backup – Microsoft Backup supports differential backup and SCSI tape devices in Windows 98.
  14. Disk Cleanup – Disk Cleanup, a new machine, enables users to clear their disks of unnecessary files. Cleanup locations are extensible through Disk Cleanup handlers. Disk Cleanup can be automated for regular silent cleanups. To boot into MS-DOS and automatically start Windows 98 setup from the CD.


Windows 98 Second Edition, which was released on 5th May 1999. It includes fixes for many minor issues, improved WDM audio and modem support, improved USB support, the replacement of Internet Explorer 4.0 with Internet Explorer 5.0, Web Folders (WebDAV namespace extension for Windows Explorer), and related shell updates. Also included is essential OHCI-compliant FireWire and SBP-2 support for mass storage class devices, Wake-On-LAN support and also it has Internet Connection Sharing, which allows LAN access to multiple computers that are shared on a single Internet connection through Network Address Translation. Other features in the update include DirectX 6.1 which introduced significant improvements to DirectSound and the introduction of DirectMusic, improvements to Asynchronous Transfer Mode support (IP/ATM, PPP/ATM, and WinSock 2/ATM support), Windows Media Player 6.2 replacing the older Media Player, Microsoft NetMeeting 3.0, MDAC 2.1 and WMI. Several components of the Windows 98 original release and Windows 98 Second Edition, can be updated to newer versions. They include:

  1. Internet Explorer 6 SP1 and Outlook Express 6 SP1
  2. Windows Media Format Runtime and Windows Media Player 9 Series on Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows Media Player 7.1 on Windows 98 original release.
  3. Windows Media Encoder 7.1 and Windows Media 8 Encoding Utility

DirectX 9.0c

  1. MSN Messenger 7.0
  2. Included .NET Frameworks, Visual C++ 2005 runtime, Windows Installer 2.0, GDI+ redistributable library, Remote Desktop Connection client 5.2 and the Text Services Framework, MSXML 3.0 SP7, Microsoft Agent 2.0, NetMeeting 3.01, MSAA 2.0, ActiveSync 3.8, WSH 5.6, Microsoft Data Access Components 2.81 SP1, WMI 1.5 and Speech API 4.0.
  3. The last version of Microsoft Office is office XP to be compatible with Windows 98.
  4. Unicode support – Although Windows 98 does not fully support Unicode, specific Unicode applications can run by installing the Microsoft Layer for Unicode.

Why Should You Download Windows 98 ISO?

  1. Windows 98 was the first operating system from Microsoft that supported DVDs.
  2. Windows 98 was the latest version of the software, and for the first time, the OS supported the scrolling wheel mouse for scrolling up and down web pages.
  3. The Quick Launch bar made its debut, allowing users to run programs bypassing the Start menu and Desktop search. Windows 98 was produced by Microsoft sound engineer Ken Kato, who considered it to be a “tough act to follow.”
  4. Windows 98 carries 13 million lines of code. To run Windows 98, the minimum system requirement for a PC was a 66Mhz processor and 16MB of RAM.
  5. The operating system of Windows 98 was developed following the codename “Memphis.”

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