Best Torrent Sites: Exclusive List Of 20 Top Torrent Sites for 2018

Best Torrent Sites

Best Torrent Sites

Best Torrent Sites: Are you Guys looking for the Best Torrenting Sites so that you can easily download Hd movies? And if you are searching for the latest proxies for torrent websites to unblock the banned sites.

So guys, if you want to Download HD movies or Watch Tv series in High-quality from torrent sites. Then, my friend, you are landed at the right place.

As here I will give you some latest & Best Torrent Sites so that you can easily download your favorite movie as well as latest movies from these Top Torrenting Sites which are given below.

As you know that, These days we all are very busy with our work even we don’t have time to go to the cinema or Sit in front of Tv. Because of these reasons, Some torrent sites allow us to Download or watch Free Movies online.

There are tons of torrent sites which are available on the internet and most of them are blocked. These are blocked by country’s Government or ISP.


Now, You don’t need to worry because we providing you some best torrenting sites with proxies. So that you can easily access those top torrenting sites which are blocked in your countries.

Actually, proxies are another alternative way to access the replication of that site which is blocked in your country. This is one of the best ways to explore torrent blocked sites in your country.

These days we all are like to download or Watch High-quality content and that type of content is not available on all websites. Only top torrent sites like The Pirate Bay, as well as very popular and Best Torrent sites like KAT, 1337X, RARBGLimetorrents, Etc. allows you to Stream or Download the latest content like Movies, Tv series, E-books, Software & Games.

So without wasting more time let’ start with top torrent sites as well as good torrent sites.


Let’s have a quick look at the list of Best Torrent Search Engine.

Best Torrent Sites List

Best Torrent Sites NameSites LinksSpeed
Extra-Torrent Proxies@[email protected]High
KickAss(KAT) Torrent@KAT [email protected]High
Putlocker Proxies@[email protected]High
PrimeWire Unblock Stes@PrimeWire [email protected]Medium
EZTV Proxy@[email protected]High
Yifi Torrent@Yifi [email protected]High
123Movies@Proxy [email protected]Medium
ThePirateBay Torrents@PirateBay [email protected]Fast
YTS Torrent@Proxy [email protected]Fast
1337x Torrents@1337x [email protected]High
Torrentz@Proxy [email protected]Slow
Lime Torrents@Unblock [email protected]High
ISO Hunt@ISO [email protected]Medium
RARBG Torrents@Unblock [email protected]High
Torlock Movie/Tv Series@Torlock [email protected]Medium
Demonoid@Proxy [email protected]Medium
Seven Torrents@Mirror [email protected]High
Ice Films@Unblock [email protected]Medium
E-book Torrenting@Proxies for [email protected]High
Zalmos@Zalmos [email protected]Fast
TorrentDay@Torrent [email protected]Medium
Torrentz2@Torrentz2 [email protected]High
WatchSeries@Unblocked [email protected]Medium
Libgen(Library Genesis)@Libgen Proxies @High

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About Most Popular & Best Torrent Websites

Here you will get the detailed information about all the BitTorrent download sites which are given above in the table of Top Torrenting Sites.

1. Extra-Torrent

ExtraTorrent Proxy

Extra Torrent is one of the best torrent sites of the torrent which allows you to download Free movies in high-quality. And on this Website where you can easily download movies, TV series and Trailer for free.

It has the wide collection of content which is divided into various types categories like Action, Entertainment, Drama,  Adventure, Movies, Tv series, Trailer, and some other things are also available on this site.

In November 2016, ExtraTorrent became the world’s 2nd largest torrent site after The closing of The Pirate Bay. And the website was shut down voluntarily by its owners on 17 May 2017.


If you still want to use this amazing site then you can easily use this site with the help of some best proxies. These proxies are the replication of the Original Torrent Site which is made by ExtraTorent Staff members. So if you want to use the torrent website then click on the review button given below.

Check Reviews of Extra-Torrent

  • You can easily Download High-quality of content
  • All the content are available for free of cost
  • You can easily explore this site with the help of proxies
  • You can not stream your favorite shows it only allows you downloading
  • No feature of Movie on demand
  • All content are not available in Hd

2. KAT Torrent

Kat Proxy

Kickass/Kat Torrent is another great and top torrenting site which was launched in 2008. This torrent search engine is available in around 45 Languages to makes it easy for all those users who do not know English.

This amazing site is the popular BitTorrent Site which allows you to peer to peer sharing. And not only sharing, you can also download Free Hd-quality movies and Tv-shows easily from this website.

The visitors of this site gets automatically increased when ThePirateBay was offline for 2 months and due to this reason it comes under the Best Torrent Sites. The content of this torrent sites is split into the different genre like Action, Drama, Movie, Tv Series, Trailer, Adventure, Etc.

And if you can’t find out your favorite movie on this site then you can easily demand that movie because it provides you movie on demand feature. So this is one of the best parts of this Torrent Website.

This website is also banned in many countries so if you want to use this amazing site in your country then click on the below link this will help you out to access the replication of the original Kat torrenting site

Check Reviews of Kat Torrent

  • Great UI and easy to Use
  • Proxies are also available
  • Movie on Demand Option is also available
  • Download Free Hd-quality movies and Tv-shows
  • Face some annoying ads while downloading
  • Can’t able to stream any content online on this site

3. The Pirate Bay

the pirate Bay Best torrenting sites

the pirate Bay Best torrenting sites

ThePirateBay is a one of the oldest and the most popular torrent website which allows you to Download content at free of cost. And the most important thing about this website is, that it also deals in sharing network means you can also upload your own files and share with other people.

The Pirate Bay was founded in 2003 and after few time its popularity gets increases due to its fast services. It basically allows you to download software, games, movies, TV Shows, e-books for free.

When this website was launched its main objective is to provide the latest content to their users as much as possible. It has good community support, torrent database, great trust factor, comfort and many other things.

And when its popularity increases day by day it comes in the eye of governments and other ISP. And they blocked this amazing sites in various countries because of its illegal way of providing content.

However, If you still want to use this amazing site in your country then you can easily browse this site with the help of Proxies. These proxies are available for all those countries where it is banned.

So you just need to click on the link of Review button to get the proxies of this site. So click and access or unblock the Pirate Bay on your device.

Check Reviews of The Pirate Bay

  • Download unlimited content without paying single amount of money
  • Easy to use because of its simple and plain theme
  • Huge collection of Tv series and movies
  • Various options or features are available for users
  • Banned in various countries
  • Downloading speed is slow
  • Can’t able to download in slow internet connection

4. 1337X Torrent Site

Best Torrent Sites

Best Torrent Sites

Here presenting you an another great torrent search engine known as 1337x Torrent. It was Founded in 2007 and according to the news, this best torrent site is the 6th most popular torrent website.

This amazing site allows you to download Free movies, TV series, Games, Software, and some other things. That’s why we put this site on the third number in our list of Best Torrent Sites.

You can also upload files on this site and you can easily do Peer to Peer Sharing. 1337X Popularity gets automatically increased in 2016. Due to which it comes to the eye of government and some other websites. After that, they plan to block this site because they provide us illegally Content.

And after some time, mostly country’s government started banned this website. And These days this site is blocked in many countries.

On the other hand, If you want to use this site in your country then we have an alternative way to explore this amazing site in those countries where it is blocked. So you just need to click on the below button to get some proxies and reviews on this top torrenting Sites.

Check Reviews of 1337x Torrent

  • It also allows you to stream content online
  • Regularly content updates on the site
  • It has Various option for their users
  • Some times it shows you different types of annoying ads
  • Its UI is not so good

5. RARBG Torrent: Best Torrent Site

Best torrent sites

Best torrent sites

Here comes an another torrenting site which was launched in 2008 name as RARBG Torrent. This torrenting site is one of the Best Torrent Sites where you will get the High-quality on content.

So this website is only for those people who always believe in quality, not in quantity. This website has a wide collection of content such as Movies and Tv arrangement by utilizing the BitTorrent convention.

Basically, RARBG Torrenting Site is a Bulgarian tracker which gives you administrations from downpours. And according to torrent news, this site gives its outstanding performance in 2015.


Thesedays this website is banned in these following countries:

  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Kingdome
  • Denmark
  • Portugal
  • Pakistan
  • Bulgaria
  • Indonesia

So if you are living in any one of these above countries then you can’t able to explore this site on your internet connection.

However, If you use our proxy service then you can easily browse this amazing site in your country. So check some proxies and reviews of RARBG torrent site from below. You just need to click on the below button to Check all these.

Check Reviews of RARBG Torrent

  • The theme of this site is simple and plain
  • Provides you various types of categories
  • It does not shows you any pop-up and ads during downloading
  • You can only download your favorite content
  • Streaming are not available on this site
  • Less features are provided by this site

6. ISO Hunt

Top Torrenting sites

Top Torrenting sites

Here presenting an another great and popular Torrent site name as IsoHunt. This website was launched in January 2003 and founded by Gary Fung. The aim of this site is to provide High-quality of content to their users.

Ad this site is the only one torrenting site who allows you to stream as well as downloading free content even in slow internet speed.

It also has a huge collection of content like other top torrenting sites. And the content is split into different genre such as Movies, Tv series, Game, software, and other files. It means this website focus on both things such as quantity as well as quality.

You can also upload your own content on this website because of this reason it comes under the best torrent sites. And in 2016 the Alexa rank of this amazing site was 2,881.

But due to some issues this site was blocked in various countries by Government or ISP. But you don’t need to worry we also have some proxies for you. So you just need to click on the Review button to check out all the proxies for IsoHunt.

These proxies helps you while you exploring this site in your country. Means these proxies are wok like an alternative mirror of the IsoHunt.

Check Reviews of iso hunt

  • You can use this site even in slow internet connection
  • You will get always new content on this site.
  • It allows you to stream as well as downloading
  • All content are not free for users some of them are premium
  • Limited categories are available for users
  • UI is not so good

7. Torrentz2


Torrentz2 is an alternative way to access Torrentz in your country because first Torrentz Search engine was launched in 2003 which was a Finland based Meta search engine.

Torrentz was the second most popular Torrenting site in the year 2012 and 2015. But due to some reasons this domain was blocked or banned in various countries. And the main reason behind this is, that they providing us illegal content.

After blocking this domain the torrentz launched its another website with new domain which provides you the same content as well as same features. Not only this, it also adds some new features for their lovely users so that they can easily use this website without any confusion.

The best thing about this site is, that it provides you a huge amount of content which is divided into different categories so that you can easily find out your favorite content without any issues. And all the content are available in high-quality so that you will get great user experience.

So if you want more information about this torrent site and want to read some Reviews of this site then you can check easily by clicking on the below button.

Check Reviews of Torrentz2

  • Various proxies are provide by staff members
  • Huge amount of content available for users
  • Great quality of videos are uploaded on this site
  • It shows you various annoying ads
  • UI is not so great

8. EZTV: Best Torrenting Sites

eztv-Best torrent sites

eztv-Best torrent sites

Here comes an another amazing Torrent site which was founded by a loose coalition of volunteers. When it was launched it only provides their users Streaming. Means you can only Stream your favorite Tv show on that time. But when it comes in Downloading  Tv Series it becomes popular day by day.

This is one of the best Torrent sites because it updates its content regularly so that their users can easily get all the new content faster than other torrenting sites. And it does not provide us fake link like others, you can easily download content for free.

You can easily stream or Download your favorite content without any commercial ads and annoying pop-ups. And the best thing is, that you do not need any registration or sign-up for your favorite content.

As you know that, these days EZTV are mostly banned in various countries because they provide us illegal content.  Due to this reason, the government and other ISP banned this website’s services in their countries.


Don’t worry my friend if you still want to use this website’s services on your device then you can easily use with the help of our proxies. As I mentioned above that proxies are the alternative way to explore any blocked site of our country.

So guys check out Reviews of EZTV Torrents on our review’s post you will get the proxies for EZTV. So just click on the button of Reviews which is given below.

Check Reviews of EZTV

  • Pretty UI and simple in use
  • Huge collection of content
  • All content are available in HD
  • You can easily stream your favorite content
  • This site is banned in various countries
  • It does not provides you various features


I hope you really liked this amazing article about Best Torrent sites or Torrenting sites. These sites are allows you download free movies as well as streaming. If you face some issues while exploring this site on your device then you can also use our proxies.

I will keep updating this article so that you will get more new Torrenting sites for Free downloading and streaming.

And guys don’t forget to share this article with your friends and If you want the updates of this post faster than other than Bookmark this article.

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