5 Android Browser With Flash Player: Use Browsers For Android With Flash

In this generation, we all have an Android Phone because it provides you some unique features which you’ll never get in a Simple phone. But…Guys, Using an android browser with flash player is not that easy for everyone.

Basically, an Android Browser with flash player helps you to view videos, streaming audio, and the amazing thing is that you can read the content uploaded in the adobe flash player.


I know you may face some issues while downloading Flash Player because google play store does not support flash player for Android devices.

So, Guys if you are searching for the Android browser with flash player. And looking for the Free android flash browsers. Do you want to know that how to explore browser that supports flash?

Android browser with flash Player

Android browser with Flash Player

If yes, then you are at the right place as here I will tell you 5 flash browser for androids so that you can easily use your Android browser with flash. So guys, with the help of these browsers which I’m providing, you can easily able to use flash player android and Stream Free Movies.

Nowadays flash player android is a need for everyone and a lot of people are demanding for this amazing software. So I thought why not to share some great “Android browser with flash” with our lovely StreamRocks audience.

So, my friend, if you are facing some issues while searching Best android flash browsers then stop worry now. As here I will tell you some amazing and Best browsers with flash player. Not only this I will also tell you that How you can Download flash player android easily on your smartphone.

In this post, I will also tell you some facts about Flash Player Software. Not only facts, I will also tell you about each android flash browser with its Pros and cons.

As you know that guys If you have an Android phone with 4.1 Jelly Bean and above Android version then your smartphone does not support Adobe Flash Player. And in Nexus 7 tablet the flash player is not pre-installed.

If you are also facing such types of issues. So guys, you just need to read this amazing post carefully so that you can easily use Flash Player software on your Android Phone!!

So without wasting more time, Let’s check out the Best Browsers that Support Flash Player for Android!!


First of all, Get some basic information about Adobe Flash player.

What is Adobe Flash Player?

Adobe Flash Player is a software which is created or developed by Adobe company. This software basically uses for streaming purposes on different platforms like Android, iOS, Chrome, and some other browsers.

The Adobe flash player helps in viewing videos, contents, streaming audio, and to read the content uploaded in the adobe flash player. It also helps you when you playing online games and creating animation or Streaming animations. For all these things Flash player is acting like a base.

This software not only work for streaming and Gaming purposes, it also helps you in executing rich Internet applications. Flash Player can run from a web browser as a browser plug-in. And it also supported mobile devices.

Basically, flash player was created by Macromedia and this software was developed and distributed by Adobe Systems. More information about Adobe Flash Player.

So if you want to play some games or to stream some videos then you need flash player for your android phone. And as you know that Android phones do not have an access to the flash player on their own.

It requires an additional support, here additional support is used for the browser which supports Flash Player. So guys here in this post, I have listed the Best Android Browsers with the Flash Player.

So let’s started with our exclusive list of Best Android Browsers which supports Flash Player!!!

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List of Android Browser With Flash Player

Here you will get all those browsers which support Adobe Flash Player on your device. So let’s check some great browsers.

1. Puffin Browser

Puffin flash player android Browser

Puffin flash player android Browser

Puffin Browser was launched sometime before October 2013. And this amazing browser released by CloudMosa for Android and iOS operating systems.

It utilizes a split engineering whereby a portion of the preparing is performed on scrambled cloud servers to enhance page stacking execution and lessen data transmission utilize.

Puffin comes with Flash player and this browser is one of the best android browser with flash player. It also comes with the virtual trackpad, gamepad, and on-screen keyboard functions.

This browser provides you the fast services so that you’ll get great user experience. You can easily support Flash Player in this browser and can watch unlimited flash player videos and play flash games also.

Puffin Browser incorporates a brilliant virtual mouse innovation to connect the disparity of portable and desktop encounters. Clients can initiate the trackpad through the virtual mouse whenever and utilize it simply like a trackpad on laptops.

   Install Puffin Browser

  • Faster browseer than other web browser
  • Easy to play flash games
  • great security and good reviews
  • Easy to Stream Flash Videos
  • Paid Browser
  • Eats a lot of bandwidth
  • Only works in Wi-fi connection
  • Sometimes takes time to reload the page.

Note: The Flash Player choices are just accessible on the off chance that you pay $1.99 for the superior membership.

2. Boat Browser: Flash Player Android Browser

boat android browser with flash Support

boat android browser with flash Support

Boat Browser is one of the most popular and Fastest android browsers where you can easily stream your favorite Flash Videos. This browser with flash is the best and amazing browser.

It is completely adjustable with the catch’s areas as you pick and you can introduce your additional items to make your program much more capable.

Basically, Boat Browser is a web browser for smartphones and tablets with the operating system Android. The browser is developed by the company Boatmob, Inc. The actual browser is called Boat Browser, but there is still a mini-version (Boat Browser Mini) for older mobile devices. The browser includes gesture controls, add-ons, flash players, themes, and many other features

This program additionally backings to customize the foundation shading and the activity of the Volume Keys. You can set the Volume Key’s activity to switch tabs, look up/down the page or zoom into the page.

The Powerful Bookmarks Management bolsters new envelope, intuitive, group erase, import, fare, and Sync with stock program bookmarks. The extra perusing highlights incorporate Video, Flash Video and YouTube Video Support, Voice Command and Voice Search, Easy File Downloading, and so on.

So if you want to download this amazing browser on your Android device then you just need to click on the Download or install button of Boat Browser which is given below.

   Download Boat Browser

  • Supports flash videos, games.
  • Free Android flash Browser
  • Easy to download any file.
  • Some flash videos are not supported
  • Shows a lot of annoying ads

3. Photon Browser | Web Browser With Flash

Photon android browser with flash

Photon android browser with flash

Here presenting you an another great android flash browser name as Photon Browser with flash player plugin support. You can easily stream unlimited flash videos for free on this amazing browser.

And the best thing about this amazing browser is, that you can stream or play your favorite flash video or game without installing or downloading any flash plugin.

Photon flash player browser for Android is coming in a faster browser which freely supports flash player plugin. And the best thing is, that you can easily play flash games, stream flash videos, and flash websites for free.

You can peruse locally on the program and when you require Flash help, you simply need to tap the lightning bolt button to initiate Flash help for your Android tablets or smartphone. You can utilize Photon Flash Player for nothing with advertisements or buy a superior go to evacuate promotions.

This amazing browser also supports Incognito and offers you private browsing and also allows you to delete browsing history. And the other best thing about this browser is, that you can customize your browser colors and make it personal.

So guys, if you want to download or install this amazing browser on your android device then, you just need to click on the download button which is given below. After downloading Photon browser Stream videos or play unlimited flash games and enjoy!!

   Download Photon Browser

  • Not show you any pop-ups and annoying ads.
  • flash player plugin support.
  • Easy to access flash websites for free.
  • Sometimes not supported some webpages.
  • The Browser is not free you need to pay some money for it.

4. xScope Browser

browsers for android with flash

browsers for android with flash

Here comes with an another premium browser known as xScope Browser and xScope program guarantees that it made for iOS, JellyBean, and all the more effective gadget.

And this amazing browser gives their best performance in these gadgets such as Nexus 7, Galaxy S III, One X, and Galaxy Nexus. SwipeNav innovation permits to effortlessly explore forward and backward by swiping left and ideal from screen edges, much the same as flipping book pages.

This browser comes with Pin Zoom Function where you can use the zoom feature with your 1 finger. To utilize this feature, please tap to stick your zoom area first and tap on the same spot and drag up or down as the second step.

You can spare expand the battery life of your Android phone and visual perceptions by obscuring the program. This program accompanying the immense element; Block the advertisements; which encourages you to spare data transfer capacity and expels irritating promotions. xScope backings to download most recordings (mp4), sounds (mp3), and archives (pdf, doc… ) and streak content (ICS).

And you know that this browser also supports the flash player because here we only talk about Android browser with flash player. So stream flash videos and play unlimited flash games on this browser and Enjoy!!

To download this amazing browser on your device then you just need to click on the download button which is given below.

   Download xScope Browser

  • Active developers
  • Easy to bookmark any thing
  • Pinch Zoom Option is available
  • If using free version face may ads
  • Paid Browser

5. Lightning Browser

Lightning android browsers with flash player

Lightning android browsers with flash player

Here presenting you an another awesome browser which supports Flash player for android is known as Lightning Browser. This browser is the small footprint browser that supports jellybean to Nougat.

This browser also supports Tabbed Internet browsing as well as the main thing which is Adobe flash player. Yes, you heard right this amazing browser also supports adobe flash player.

This browser comes with some unique features like Long-press a tab to delete the page, Long-press the back button to exit the browser and the much more unique features are also available in this browser.

Lightning Browser is an awesome Browser..Which gives you the complete right to enjoy browsing…It has the features and also some great features to gives you the complete New experience….

So to download this amazing browser on your android device then just click on the Download Lightning browser button and install this browser on your device.

   Download Lightning Browser

  • Easy to stream flash videos, games, etc
  • Free Flash Adroid Browser
  • Use in any android version
  • Provides you many unique features
  • Do not works in slow internet connection
  • Sometimes gives some issues during searching
  • Shows you some annoying ads

I hope you these information about Android browser with flash player is enough for you. If you still have some queries in your mind then just comment us below. Our team members helps you immidately and resolve your problems.

So, friends, keep tuned with us so that you’ll get to know some more new browsers for android with flash player. And the main thing, don’t forget to click on our “Red Bell Icon”. Once you click on our Icon then you’ll get all the latest on this article faster than other users.

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