How to Chromecast Amazon Video – Get Easy Ways For Amazon Video Chromecast

Chromecast Amazon Video:- Do you like to watch Amazon Prime Video? If yes, then guys you have surely come here while searching “How to Watch Amazon Instant Video On Chromecast?”, Right?

If yes, then my friend you are at the right place, as here I’ll provide you a simple and easy trick to connect Chromecast Amazon video on your Mobile, Laptop, Pc, Tv, Etc. So that you can easily connect Amazon Video Chromecast.

Not only this, I will also show you that How you can easily connect and Watch Amazon Prime video on Chromecast. So Now you don’t need to worry about Amazon Video Chromcast.

Amazon Video Chromecast

Amazon Video Chromecast

I was Getting Many Queries Regarding amazon prime video Chromecast like;

  • How to Watch Chromecast amazon video
  • How to Use Amazon video app Chromecast
  • Simple and Easy Tricks to Use Amazon Instant Video Chromecast.

So after getting all these types of queries, I thought why not share some simple and easy tricks to Get Amazon video Chromecast. So that our StreamRocks Users can easily watch amazon prime video on Chromecast.

As you guys know that, Amazon App does not support Streaming Amazon Prime Video on Chromcast. And mostly people can’t able to Chromecast Amazon Video on their device.


With the help of these simple and easy tricks which are given below, you can easily able to Stream Amazon video on Chromecast. Basically, these easy tricks help you to send content from Amazon Prime Video to Chromecast From your android and other devices like iPhone, Pc.

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So without wasting more time Let’s we started with “How to Chromecast Amazon Video”


First, We know some basics about Amazon Video Chromecast…

Amazon Video Chromecast

Here I’ll tell you some basics Facts about Amazon Prime Video and Chromecast. So guys check these out and then Go for our trick to connect Amazon video app Chromecast.

Some Facts About Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Video is an Instead Video on demand service which is developed and operated by Amazon Company. This service was launched on September 7, 2006, as Amazon Unbox in the United States.

Basically, this service offers you various Tv Shows and Movies for rent or Purchase. You can also purchase its Prime Subscription. With the help of this Prime Subscription, you can easily able to Watch your favorite as well as Latest Movies or Tv Shows easily on Amazon Prime Video.

If you want to Stream your favorite Tv Shows or Movies on this service then you just need to select Titles that you want to watch and select your favorite Genre and Category.

Comparisons to others Prime Services Amazon also has a huge collection of Streaming content, including a multi-year licensing deal with HBO in the United States.

In the wake of obtaining the nearby gushing and DVD-via mail service LoveFilm in 2011, Prime Video was added to Prime in the United Kingdom, Germany, and Austria in 2014, a move that irritated some Prime UK individuals as the packaging was non-negotiable with a 61% expansion in membership charge.

Some Facts About Chromecast

Amazon Video Chromecast

Amazon Video Chromecast

Chromecast is the Brand of Digital Media Players which is created by Google. This amazing device designed as a Small Dongle which you can connect easily to the Mobile or Pc.

This device helps you to Stream Internet Audio/Visual Content on HD Tv or Home Audio system through Mobile and Web Apps that support the Google Cast Technology.

It works like a mirror, means the content that you want to stream it can be mirrored from the Google Chrome web browser which you can run on your Pc and various Android Devices.

The first generation of this device was launched on July 24, 2013, and the price of this device was US$35 at that time. And the Second generation of Chromecast was released in September 2015 and this model is called Chromecast Audio.

After this, Google launched its third generation in November 2016 which is known as Chromecast Ultra. This is called Ultra because it supports 4K Resolution videos with High-Dynamic Range.

So this above is some basics facts about Amazon Video Chromecast. Now lets we discuss about “How To Watch  Amazon video on Chromecast?”

How to Chromecast Amazon Video From Pc & Mobile

Watch Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast

Watch Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast

Here I’ll tell you How to transfer the multimedia content of Amazon video wirelessly from your Pc/Mobile to your Chromecast Tv. So with the help of this method which is given below you can easily able to use chrome from chromecast amazon video on Windows Pc, Mac & Mobile.

Amazon Video Chromecast For Pc (Mac OS, Windows, Etc)

So you just need to read these steps carefully if you want to use amazon instant video Chromecast From both Windows and Mac OS.

It is necessary for you that your both devices TV and the PC should be connected with the same WiFi network.

1. First of all, you just need to install the Google Cast Extention from Below. Basically, this extension works with the  Chrome Browser on both Mac OS and Windows.

   Install Google Cast Extention

2. Now, all you need to open “Amazon Prime Video” on your chrome browser and then play the video that you want to cast. The link of Amazon Prime Video is given below.

Open Amazon Prime Video

If you already join the Amazon then you ignore this above link because this link sends you directly to the Amazon Prime Homepage where it will ask you for Join.

3. When the video has begun to play, then, you just need to click on the “Cast Button” which is shown on the Tab in the Browser. On the off chance that it doesn’t work immediately, then pick Amazon Prime in the settings tab under the Web Player inclinations of Adobe Flash Player.

Amazon Video Chromecast

Amazon Video Chromecast

4. That’s it!!! Now you can easily able to use Amazon prime on Chromecast. As you can see that it is a very easy way to access Amazon Video Chromecast.

Now lets we check “How to Chromecast Amazon Video From Mobile”

Amazon Video Chromecast From Mobile Platforms

Because it’s not unmistakable in the administration that doesn’t mean it can’t be utilized by any stretch of the imagination, there are approaches to utilize Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast.

The process is very easy for Pc!!


Guys, it is the bit difficult for you to use Amazon video app Chromecast from Mobile because there is no button for Chromecast on Prime video’s App. So you need to use an alternative method to cast.

Here I’ll tell you some simple and easy steps to access Amazon Prime Video Chromecast from Mobile. So let us check out these easy steps.

It is necessary for you that your both devices TV and the Mobile should be connected with the same WiFi network.

1. If you want to send Amazon content to your Android or iPhone to chromecast. Then, you just need to download an App on your device. The name of the app is Google Home and this app is available for both platforms on Google Play Store or Apple’s iOS Store. So download this app first which is given below.

  Download Google Home

  Download Google Home

2. After installing this app, Open the app and find an option of “drop-down menu” which is given on the side of the screen.

Amazon Instant Video on Chromecast

Amazon Instant Video on Chromecast

3. Click on the “Send Screen or Audio” button, this will opens a window where all you have to select Chromecast where you want to send your media.

4. After selecting your Chromecast device, you will automatically see the screen of your mobile on the Tv.

5. Now, Go to the Amazon Video and stream your favorite content that you want to watch. So now you can easily watch your favorite movies and Tv series on the Bigg Screen.

Amazon Video Chromecast

Amazon Video Chromecast

Pros & Cons of Amazon Video Chromecast

  • You can able to stream your favorite content on Bigg Screen.
  • Multiple Streaming of same content is available.
  • Great phone’s orientation from vertical to horizontal
  • Chromecast is available for various platforms such as Pc(Windows/Mac), Mobile(Android/iOS)
  • If your screen turns off then it will show you dark on the TV
  • You need to play your content countinuosly.
  • You need to set your phone’s brightness minimum.

Final Words

I think guys, all these information is enough for today. With the help above Guide, you can easily access Amazon video Chromecast on different platforms such as Windows Pc, Mac OS, iOS, Android.

I hope now you understood “How to Chromecast Amazon Video” or “How to Stream Amazon prime on Chromecast”. In you still have some queries thenjust comment us below we’ll solve it as soon as possible.

I hope you liked this amazing article, If yes, then must share this post with your friends so that they can also able to  Watch Amazon Video on Chromecast.

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