10 Best 3Ds Emulator For Pc & Android: Exclusive list of 3Ds Emulator Android/Pc (Edition 2019)

Hello Friends, If you are here then I’m right you surely come here while searching for Best 3Ds Emulator for Pc, Right??

So, guys, if you are a huge fan of Nintendo 3ds Games and looking for best 3Ds Emulator Android or 3Ds Emulator Pc. And also want to know How these Nintendo 3ds emulator for android works on your device.

If yes, then you are at the right place, Here I’ll provide you some best 3Ds emulator Android. Not only for Android, I’ll also provide you 3ds emulator pc so that you can easily run your favorite Nintendo games on your Smartphone as well as Pc.

Once you use these Nintendo 3ds emulator for Android/Pc then you can easily able to play Nintendo 3ds games on your device like PC, Mac, and Android.

Best 3ds emulator Android

Best 3ds emulator Android

So now guys, you don’t need to spend Extra Bucks to buy Nintendo 3D Game alleviate to play their games!!!!


Here In this Article, I’m providing you an exclusive list of 10 Best Nintendo 3ds emulator pc/Android. So if you want to play such types of games on your device then must read this amazing article carefully.

Basically, These 3ds emulator for android and Pc which I’m providing you are divided into two parts. Means First Five 3ds emulators are for 3ds emulator android. And other Five are 3ds emulator Pc.

As you know that guys, there are tons of websites available on the Internet who provide you Nintendo 3ds emulator for pc & Android. But my friend, they might be fake, malware & harm your computer. Not only this, they also trace your activities.

So beware of those sites who contains fake links. But don’t panic here you’ll get 100% safe 3ds android emulator as well as for Pc. These emulators are secured from all of these issues given above because it was tested by our professional team.

So use these emulators and run unlimited Nintendo 3d  games on your Pc, Android, & Mac and Enjoy!!!! You just need to Install any one of the Best Nintendo 3ds Emulator from the below list to play Nintendo Games.

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Without any further Ado!! Let’s Check out the List of Best 3Ds Emulator Pc/Android!!

Still..Hold up!!

First, we talk about Nintendo and also know What is Emulator…

Facts About Nintendo

Basically, Nintendo is a Japanese Multinational Company of Electronics and Video Games who’s headquarters is in Kyoto. Nintendo is one of the world’s largest companies of Video Games. They creating some of the best and top-selling Video game such as Mario, Pokemon, The Legend of Zelda, etc.

This amazing company was launched on 23rd September 1889 and founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi. At that time, this company tried many types of small business live Cab Services, Love Hotels, etc.


The Nintendo 3Ds was founded on 26th February 2011, in Japan and across the world. Later about inside under a half year, Nintendo proclaimed a huge drop in the cost. Nintendo at first began trying different things with a 3D computer game that is stereoscopic from the 1980s.

Nintendo was not setting off to an extraordinary achievement, at that point, but rather bit by bit it continued creating, and in 2010 it reported its first authority 3Ds dealt with Nintendo reassure in the Nintendo Ds family which made awesome progress.

What Is An Emulator?

If you are confused and want to know What is an Emulator. Then here below I’ll tell you that How emulator works and what is an Emulator so read this carefully if you like to learn technical things.

Let me tell you guys, that an Emulator is a type of software which clone your operating system from other devices and make it capable or supportable to running it on various Platforms like Windows, Mac, Android, Etc. And with the help of an emulator, you can easily rum your Android games on Pc.

In simple word, An Emulator is a software that duplicates the graphical system and another process of a console. So that you can easily play Nintendo 3Ds Games on your device.

After installing any Emulator you have full control over the Nintendo 3Ds Games. And the best thing that you do not need any actual gaming console for Nintendo. This 3ds emulator android or 3ds emulator Pc is widely used by gaming developers.

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So without wasting more time, Let’s we discuss about the Best 3Ds emulator For Android!!

Best 3Ds Emulator Android

Here below you’ll get Nintendo 3ds emulator for Android devices. So check these emulators and install on your smartphone and play Nintendo games and Enjoy!!!

1. Drastic DS Emulator:- 3Ds Android emulator

drastic-3ds Emulator Android

drastic-3ds Emulator Android

Here presenting you the most stable emulator known as Drastic DS Emulator. This Emulator is available in the market. With the help of this amazing Emulator, you can easily play any type of Nintendo 3Ds games on your Android Device.

It comes with some amazing features like controller customization, screen layout customization, support of hardware & software controllers, Google drive support, fast forward, etc.

This is the Best 3ds emulator android because it allows you to play some high-end graphics Nintendo games. The price of this emulator is bit high but it is overall good and worthy emulator.

So if you want to install this amazing Emulator for Android on your device then you just need to click on the Download Button which is given below.

Download 3ds emulator for android

  • Allows you to Play All Nintendo’s Games
  • Comes With High-End Graphics
  • It provides you various Unique Features
  • Sometimes work slow
  • It is not Free

2. Ultimate x3DSx Gold

Best 3Ds Emulator Android

Best 3Ds Emulator Android

Here comes an another great and best 3ds emulator android which allows you to play your favorite games on your Smartphone. This emulator is one of my favorite emulators because it is the fastest emulator from all these emulators given in this list.

the best thing about this amazing Emulator is, that it supports external wireless controllers, all the functionality like Gyro, tilt work with this emulator.

It provides you a lot of functionality and features. So try this emulator if you are a Nintendo games Freak. And if you want to download Ultimate x3DSx Gold on your Android device then click on the Download Button which is given below.

Download This Android 3Ds Emulator

  • All Nintendo’s Games are Run on this.
  • supports external wireless controllers
  • A lot of Features are available
  • Download Free of cost
  • Supported on High Featured Smartphone
  • Only works on Android Device

3. NDS Emulator:- Nintendo 3Ds Emulator

Free 3Ds Emulator for Android

Free 3Ds Emulator for Android

NDS Emulator is an another new emulator that has been newly launched for the platform of 3DS Emulators of Nintendo. It is thought to be the nice one up until this point. You can Use this NDS Emulator with normal ROM.

Some of its highlights are controlling essential stuff, load and spare states, controls that are adaptable, and so forth.

The diversion documents that are good with this Emulator are 7z, RAR, including compress records and NDS records. You can download this emulator for free but it is necessary that you have a high tech latest gadget.

So to download NDS Emulator on your Smartphone then all you need to click on the download button which is given below.

Download 3Ds Android Emulator

  • It works faster than other emulators
  • Free to Use
  • Easily supports on Normal ROM
  • Less Features are available
  • High tech latest gadgets are required to Run this Emulator

4. NDS4Droid

Free 3Ds Emulator Android

Free 3Ds Emulator Android

This is one of the oldest 3ds emulator android which is currently available in the market so that users can easily play their favorite Nintendo games on their Android device.

The best thing about this emulator is, that the developers of this app are continually working on this app so that they can able to provide their user’s better and latest features according to trend.

NDS4Droid provides us some unique features like games play faster, Smoother and Good Speed, Performance tweaks saving and loading states. It is an open source emulator which giving you all these services absolutely Free!!!

So to Download this amazing app on your device, you need to click on the download button which is given below. After installing play your favorite games and Enjoy!!

Download 3Ds Android Emulator

  • Smoother and Good Speed
  • Games Play Faster
  • Easy & Free to Download
  • Provide us latest features
  • Does not Support some Android Devices

5. RetroArch

retroarch: 3ds Emulator Android

retroarch: 3ds Emulator Android

Here comes an another amazing and Free 3ds emulator android where you can play Unlimited Nintendo games for Free. This open source emulator provides you various platforms games such as Play Station, Game Boy, SNES and Nintendo DS.


You might be facing some issues while playing free games on this emulator like it only allows you to download particular games and it is difficult to use It is not a very fast emulator but provides you various functions like other emulators.

So if you want to download RetroArch on your smartphone then you just need to click on the below button of download Emulator.

Download 3Ds Emulator For Android

  • Provides you variou funtions
  • Support Play Station, Game Boy, SNES, etc.
  • It does not work fast
  • Provides you limited games

So, guys, these above are the 5 Best 3Ds Emulator for Android with their Pros and cons. If you like anyone then you just need to click on the download button of that Emulator. After downloading play your favorite Nintendo Games and Enjoy!!!

Now Let’s check out the Other 5 Best Nintendo 3ds emulator for pc….

Best 3Ds Emulator Pc/Mac/Linux

Here I’ll tell you 5 Best Nintendo 3ds emulator for pc. So check these emulators and download any one to play Nintendo games on your Pc.

1. Citra 3Ds Emulator Pc

Citra is one of the most popular 3ds emulators for pc that allows you to explore Nintendo Games on your Pc. It is popular because of its User-friendly program that allows you to play Unlimited 3Ds Nintendo Games for Free!!

And the best thing about this emulator is, that it easily supported on all platforms like Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. So you can easily play your favorite Nintendo games on any system with the help of help of this Open Source Nintendo 3DS emulator.

So to download this amazing software you just need to click on the download button which is given below. After downloading enjoy your favorite games!!

Download 3Ds Emulator For PC

  • It comes with various features
  • Easily supports on different systems
  • Play Unlimited Nintendo 3DS Games for Free
  • Sometimes it gets slow.

2. TronDS

Here presenting an another emulator known as TorDs. This emulator is not famous like other emulators because it is not be used to play Nintendo games, you can just use this emulator for simple 3Ds programs like Homebrew and some other small things.

Because of this reason, it is not very popular and only a few of people know about this Emulator. So if you want to download this emulator then click on the download button which is given below.

Download 3Ds Emulator PC

  •  Provides You 3Ds programs like Homebrew
  • It does not work fast
  • It is not popular like others emulator
  • Low ratings

 3. 3DMOO

Here comes an another popular and open source emulator where you can easily play all types of 3Ds Nintendo Games on your Pc.

This emulator provides us various features and this amazing emulator was created by some experienced and professional DS Developers. Currently, this software is not available for download through its official site.


If you still want to download this amazing software on your Pc then you can easily download through Github. This website provides you this emulator for free and it is 100% safe for your device. So download this by clicking on the below button.

You can use 3DMOO on any platform like Windows, Mac, and Linux but sometimes it frequently crashes.

Download This 3Ds Emulator PC

  • Easily play all Nintendo 3DS Games
  • Provides you some extra features
  • Not available on its official site
  • Need third party support for downloading


4. NeonDs

This is an another amazing emulator where you can easily play your favorite Nintendo games for free. And the best part is, that you can download this Emulator easily on any system like Windows, Mac, Etc.

Not only this, you can also use this on some commercial games. It is good and a compatible emulator as a comparison to other emulators.

You can easily download this software from softonic.com. Don’t worry it provides you this software absolutely free!!!

The link of Softonic is given below so try this emulator and enjoy all the Nintendo 3Ds games on your Pc.

Download This 3Ds Emulator PC From Softonic

  • Provides you Free Downloading
  • Easy to play all Nintendo Games
  • It also provide you some Commercial games
  • It does not work fast

I hope you relly liked some of our Best Nintendo 3DS Emulator for Pc. If you want to download anyone of them which you liked then you just need to click on our Download Link which is given below each emulator.

So, guys, I think all these information about Best Nintendo 3Ds Emulator for Android and Pc enough for you. If you still, facing some issues then just comment us below in our comment box.

And don’t forget to click on our “Red Bell Icon” if you really a huge fan of Nintendo 3ds Games and want some new 3DS Emulator Android or 3Ds Emulator Pc.


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